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Unique costumes of Valdemar and Volcano in the Dungeons all week!

20 August 2018


We remembered two difficult past years together with you. And decided not to stop: this time we hid costumes of other iconic villains in the Dungeons. Let us reminded together how the Bloody Empire of Valdemar has grown and a God-like Volcano woke up, eager to destroy everything in its path?

It was the ninth year of the war... and Sam Hein, who had lost all his power, brought his Horror Circus to a distant island belonging to count Valdemar, who had kindly paid all the expenses. But the kindness of this ancient vampire turned out to be false: the servants of Valdemar began to steal the visitors to the Park and turn them into vampires, drinking the blood of the unfortunate. Thanks to this Bloody Empire of Valdemar has grown, and the ancient vampire was ready to declare himself as Prince of the Median Night — but brave heroes of Arinar again prevented the crafty plans of the enemy.

However only the warriors returned from the island of the vampires, Arinar was already under a new threat: Volcano slept in the bowels of the Earth for thousands of years and finally woke up, and the flame was ready to melt even the eternal ice. Fiery rage collapsed at the Snow Boundary and the Arinar dwellers in that year. And yet a series of difficult battles with the creatures of the underground flame turned into a victory - Volcano with the servants left the Snow Boundary. And the brave soldiers were able to prevent the world flood!

The costumes of these dangerous villains have already been recreated and are waiting for you in the Dungeons of Arinar. Hurry up to find them!

Only this week:

  • Rarest costumes of the iconic bosses - Valdemar and Volcano - are added to the heroic and mythic Dungeons;
  • 2 rewards for the completion of any mythic Dungeon;
  • 20 winning places in the Weekly ratings Tournament in 3 categories: “Guild Points”, “Completed heroic dungeons” and “Completed mythic dungeons” with unbelievable rewards:
    1st place: costumes of Valdemar and Volcano and 100 Caches of the Decade;
    2nd place: 75 Caches of the Decade;
    3rd place: 50 Caches of the Decade;
    4-10 places: 20 Caches of the Decade;
    11-20 places: 10 Caches of the Decade.

Event begins: 20.08.2018 00:00 CEST
Event ends: 27.08.2018 00:00 CEST

Wish you good luck and great drop!