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Update 7.3: Breath of Frost. Release

14 December 2017


The day of world creation is here! The stunning Snow Boundary is awaiting guests and has prepared lots of presents and surprises for everyone. And may minor troubles with the Paladin of Frost and his army of the dead not bother you too much. Come as soon as you can! 

  • New snowy island and holiday quests
  • Mass battle with Ruberius with buffs and chests as reward for each stage
  • Guilds vs Paladin of Frost for special rewards
  • 4 group bosses with “Damage reflection” armor and other trophies
  • New dungeons hiding weapons with improved bonus “Rage”, armor with new bonus “Resistance”, rare accessories and much more
  • Caches of the Ice Kingdom with decorative items, relics, runes, crystals and other treasures 
  • New items in Miracle shop: costumes, decorative skins, smileys and haircuts 
  • Jolly winter attractions and fine prizes at vendors
  • Holiday skills: Frosty Madness & Meganthropus' Help
  • 12 unique achievements with collectors smileys in reward

Find more details in the release post on our forum!