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Update Warspear Online 10.1: Mystery of Vinetta. Release

28 October 2021

The Horror Circus is already in Arinar!

This year’s celebration will take place in Vinetta, famous for its wetlands, canals, and the annual competition of theatrical troupes The Mystery of the Long Nights. Sam Hein with his Horror Circus plans to take part in the competition and is confident in his victory, but it seems that someone wants to stop him! Thwart plans of the cunning Puppeteer, defeat his creepy servants and become the real King of the theaters!

What awaits you in the 10.1 update Warspear Online “Mystery of Vinetta”?

  • New holiday island and exciting quests;

  • A unique way to navigate the canals;

  • Mysterious and dangerous raid-boss Puppeteer;

  • Weekly qualifying guild tournament of theatrical troupes;

  • Grim dungeons with hostile puppets;

  • Tournament guild event in the GvG territory;

  • Fights with unique PvP monsters;

  • Massive raid throughout the island with rewards for each stage;

  • Open world guild events with incredibly valuable rewards;

  • Battles with aggressive territorial bosses;

  • Survival games - the final battle of the strongest guilds;

  • Horror rides for characters of all levels;

  • Fun tavern with a PvP-area for all players;

  • Traders for Crimson Corundums and Good Luck Tokens;

  • New powerful equipment;

  • 16 new unique achievements;

  • New crafting jobs for create unique event accessories;

  • Holiday skills for all players;

  • New goods in the Miracle Shop, available only during the holiday;

  • Themed seasonal maps for Crucible 3x3 and Arena 5x5 modes;

  • Gifts for all players.

Additionally, with update 10.1, many things in the game will be improved:

  • added new section “Effects” in the menu of the parameters of the hero;

  • added set up the display of impacts;

  • the problem with sound playback and game freezes on Xiaomi devices (POCO X3 Pro, Redmi Note 10 and others) has been solved.

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