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Update Warspear Online 10.4. Time of discoveries. Preview

03 June 2022

Dear friends!

A lot of exciting secrets are hidden under the veil of the history of the first days of Arinar... And although the brave men diligently and tirelessly explore the huge world, the number of mysteries is so great that the warriors are going on a dangerous journey! It's time to find out what trials the eve of the 15th year of the great confrontation between the Alliances promises!

As the hot summer approaches, both fearless warriors and peaceful townspeople peer into the sky in search of a new sign from the White Wanderer. The old people say that the mysterious White Stones, which traced the sky in ancient times, showed the world magic of extraordinary power. Magical waves still diverge throughout Arinar, opening previously closed doors for adventurers. Which hero will be the first to step into uncharted territory?

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