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Update Warspear Online 10.4. Time of discoveries. Release

09 June 2022

Dear friends!

Warspear Online is celebrating its 14th birthday! Join the celebration: explore unknown dungeons, get new talents, take part in severe battles, uncover the secrets of Arinar's past and take your gifts!

What awaits you in the update 10.4 “Time of discoveries”?

  • Gifts for everyone in honor of the game's birthday
  • Castle dedicated dungeons with unique rewards
  • Continuation of the class Talent Tree: new basic and lesser talents
  • Selectable talent block with 3 new key class talents for each class
  • Holiday world events with chests and buffs as a reward for each stage
  • Guild event on the GvG territory
  • Holiday alliance event in a dedicated area
  • Guild events in the open world with valuable treasuries
  • Iconic raid bosses Avenger, Demonologist and Beholder
  • New equipment of 32 level
  • The Season of activities “Epochal overture” and Battle Pass
  • Holiday legendary guild achievements
  • Goods in the Miracle Shop, available only during the holiday

Skill menu update:

  • Set of Skills: create and customize skill sets to your liking
  • Operation with extracurricular skills: expand your collection of skills and add them to combat kit
  • Operation with relics: select active relics individually for each skill set

Ayvondil. Improvements:

  • chance of dropping quest items when completing some tasks increased
  • respawn time of some quests monsters and interactive objects reduced
  • number of required items when completing quests reduced
  • the system of hint markers on the map updated
  • added equipment of 31 level

Other changes:

  • the mandatory reputation requirements for entering the dedicated dungeons "Berengar's Tower", "Rotting Garden", "Termitary", "Tree of the Seasons", "Technopolis" and "Sea Tramps' Lair" removed
  • the number of available slots for skills/items in the quick access menu increased (from 5 to 10)
  • increased the movement speed of all minions in the game
  • the display of the maximum value has been added to the window for viewing information about the bonus of the item
  • improved the visual display of the hint window in the game
  • improved animation and fixed aura visual effect for the permanent action skills

Hurry to the forum for all the details!

See you on the celebration!