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Update Warspear Online 11.0: New Legends. Release

08 September 2022

Dear friends!

The confrontation between the Alliances in Warspear Online continues! To maintain the delicate balance in the War of the Spear, the forces of the Legion and Sentinels called upon the peace makers. And once again the gods responded to the pleas for help, breathing life into those who are destined to become the legends of Arinar... Meet two new character classes - the Beastmaster from the Firstborn faction and the Reaper from the Forsaken faction!

What awaits players in the update 11.0 “New Legends”?

  • Two new classes - Beastmaster and Reaper
  • Full set of basic and expert skills of new classes
  • Special skill mechanics for Beastmaster and Reaper
  • Talent branches for Beastmaster and Reaper
  • Legendary achievements for new classes
  • Two additional slots for characters creation
  • Season of activities and Battle Pass
  • Ability to gift a Battle Pass
  • Update of “Berengar's Tower” dungeon
  • Unique items in the Miracle Shop
  • New powerful minion
  • Gifts for all players

New sources of Knowledge

  • Knowledge for every 5 levels of character development
  • Knowledge for winning the Arena


  • Upgrade of minions skills
  • Improved information window about minion
  • Displaying minion skills in the information window about minion

Other changes

  • Graphic improvements of dungeons at the initial islands
  • Freeing up names of old characters

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