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Update Warspear Online 7.2: Realm of Nightmares. Preview

18 October 2017

Warriors of Arinar!

The Horror Circus is a Halloween inspired yearly Holiday in Warspear Online that is celebrated differently each year. This year you will travel to the Holiday Island where you will find that the owner of the Circus, Sam Hain has been trapped in a Nightmare by the main villain of this event. 

The main goal of this Holiday is to save Sam Hain and to do you will have to enter his Nightmares. Quite literally. As well as this the Holiday island is filled with other activities and special Holiday rewards: costumes, equipment, food and drinks and a lot of other precious things.

Horror Circus is not the only thing to be brought by the upcoming update, for there will also be added new features of Guild Castles!

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Sweet dreams!