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Update Warspear Online 7.8: Necropolis of giants. Release

25 October 2018

Warriors of Arinar

Well, it's time for update 7.8! Owners of Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows, OS X and Linux devices, get ready to go to the Holiday island immediately after the game servers restart. Please note that updates for different platforms may be released with delay.

We have tried to describe in detail in the preview all the things you are going to see in this update: new dungeons, bosses, quests, events, rides and more. And below you can find information about additional surprises and rewards!

- New island and exciting holiday quests
- Mighty bosses of the Horror Circus: Mad Hrungnir and his 4 ferocious Guards
- Massive dynamic event with chests and buffs as a reward for each stage
- Guild events with incredibly valuable rewards: books with steal health bonus, costumes and other gifts
- Holiday dungeons with crazy treasures: weapons with steal health and stun bonuses, accessories with physical/magical power and more
- New incredibly powerful level 28 equipment
- Amazing Rides for characters of all levels
- Cache of the Cursed Necropolis with new costumes and skins, rare runes and crystals, deadly relics and other valuables
- New items in Miracle Shop: costumes, skins, smileys, Barber Sets and Vampire’s Set of Accessories - only during this holiday
- Merchants with items for Crimson Corundums and Good Luck Tokens
- Holiday skills for all players: “Help of Ruin Berserker”, “Help of Crab Stone” and also “Pumpkin? A bomb!”
- 12 new unique achievements


Detailed information is already on the forum!