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Update Warspear Online 7.9: Tricks and giggles. Release

20 December 2018


The World Creation Day has come to Arinar, but treacherous Grinch is ready to do anything to spoil this holiday. Save the festive spirit and get precious trophies, unique gear, smileys, achievements, chests with gifts and many-many more! See you in the Snow Boundary!

- The biggest festive island in the game’s history
- Exciting holiday quests
- Six elvish villages with unique stories
- Insidious villains of the Snow Boundary: green scoundrel Grinch and his 4 harmful nephews
- Massive dynamic event with chests and buffs as a reward for each stage
- Guild events with valuable rewards: books, costumes and other gifts
- Holiday dungeons with amazing treasures: weapons with rage, accessories with physical/magical power, unique and heroic armor with resistance and more
- Manufacturing of the most powerful heroic equipment sets
- Winter Rides for characters of all levels
- Magic Christmas Cache with new costumes and skins, rare runes and crystals, relics and other valuables
- New items in Miracle Shop: costumes, skins, smileys, barber sets - only during this holiday
- Merchants with items for Crimson Corundums and Good Luck Tokens
- Holiday skills for all players: “Hogshead’s Help” and “Funny Lights”
- 12 new unique achievements

More details in the preview post on our forum!