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Warspear 10.0 Update: The Era of Knowledge. Announcement

03 September 2021

Valiant defenders!

We are pleased to present you with the announcement of Update 10.0, which is designed to reveal the process of the hero's development in a completely new way! A unique talent tree for each of the 18 classes will allow you to get not only useful bonuses to the characteristics of your character and his abilities, but also completely new effects for basic skills. The long-awaited mechanic of quickly changing gear sets, improving the exchange window between characters, new achievements and much more are waiting for the defenders of Arinar very soon! Now we will tell you about the main innovations, but we will also leave some pleasant surprises, which we will reveal on the day of the update release.

The details of the update are already posted on the forum, so follow the link to be the first to know the news!

Details are here!