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Warspear Online 10.0 Update “Era of Knowledge”: Release

09 September 2021

The time has come for big changes - the Era of Knowledge has already arrived! Embark in search of Knowledge, discover new powers for grandiose battles and fight against powerful enemies. Adventure awaits!

- New character development system - a unique branch of role talents for each of the 18 playable classes
- "Knowledge" - a new game resource for improving talents
- Saving sets of equipment and the ability to quickly change them
- Updated interface of the exchange and the second-hand dealer, for convenient and secure transactions
- Gift Calendar - a new system of daily rewards, with even more useful bonuses
- "Masks Off" - a new season of activities with daily and weekly missions
- Battle Pass with unique rewards and other player benefits
- Over 40 new achievements, including Legendary ones
- New unique rewards for Badges of Glory
- Gifts for all players
- Improvements of game mechanics and bug fixes

The time of long-awaited festive events will come very soon in Arinar. Hurry up to develop your talents and prepare your hero in advance for incredible adventures!

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