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Warspear Online 7.10: The Pirate Putsch. Release

14 March 2019

The Honoring of the Spring King is here!

Meet the update Warspear Online 7.10 The Pirate Putsch and hurry up to Blissful Isle where Admiral Octopus with their marine thugs decided to seize power. Don't let the villains overthrow the Spring King - go to the island and stop the coup!

  • New island and exciting holiday quests

  • Special bosses of the Blissful Isle led by Admiral Octopus

  • World dynamic event with chests and buffs as a reward for each stage

  • Brand new Guild events in the dedicated area and on the GvG-territory with incredibly valuable rewards: books with steal health bonus, costumes and other gifts

  • Festive solo Dungeons with pirate treasures

  • Manufacturing of the most powerful event ranged and melee weapons

  • Kingdom of Spring Cache with new costumes and skins, rare runes and crystals, deadly relics and other valuables

  • New exclusive items in Miracle Shop only during this holiday

  • Holiday skills for all players

  • 12 new unique and one legendary Guild achievements

  • Updated game menu interface with added "Events" tab

  • Raising the level of craft: manufacturing level 28 equipment

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