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Week Event: The World Creation Book, Chapter III. Holiday Weekly Ratings Tournament!

15 January 2024

Warriors of the Snowy Bound!

The dungeons of the holiday island are yet teeming with the vile henchmen of the South Pole, still relentless to disrupt the White Beard’s plans! Though the ancient legend has it that the heroes descending on the isle should save the World Creation feast! The time is to fulfill the prophecy and claim some worthy trophies!

  • Mr. Grinch, Evil Gremlin, Chernobog and Bear Gorynya costumes may now drop in all festive Dungeons (with the higher drop chance in higher level dungeons);
  • the rarest non-class Book of Enhanced Fury may now drop in certain festive Dungeons, including Silas's Explosives Factory, Silas's Squib Factory and Silas's Fireworks Factory (with the higher drop chance in higher level dungeons);
  • exclusive heroic armor sets (head, body, arms and legs) with the Rage set bonus may now drop as an extra possible reward in festive Dungeons:

level 18 and 20 armor: Silas's Pyrotechnics Factory
level 22 and 24 armor: Silas's Explosives Factory
level 26 and 28 armor: Silas's Squib Factory
level 30 and 32 armor: Silas's Fireworks Factory

  • the x2 drop chance for unique accessories (rings, bracelets, amulets and cloaks) with physical / magical power and the Rage bonus in all festive Dungeons;
  • the x2 daily World Creation Magic cap for all festive Dungeons;
  • x2 World Creation Magic in all festive Dungeons;
  • x2 Guild Points in all festive Dungeons.

Event span: 15.01 12:00 CET - 22.01 11:00 CET

Aside, you will have a chance to claim one of the 50 winning places in the holiday Weekly Ratings Tournament for ranking high in Completed Festive Dungeons and Good Luck Tokens ratings, and compete for:

1st Rank: Mr. Grinch and Chernobog costumes, and South Pole Cache x100
2nd Rank: the Mr. Grinch costume, and South Pole Cache x75
3rd Rank: South Pole Cache x50
4-10 Ranks: South Pole Cache x20
11-20 Ranks: South Pole Cache x10
21-50 Ranks: South Pole Cache x5

Tournament span: 14.01 23:00 CET - 21.01 23:00 CET

See you in the game!
The Warspear Online Team