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Week of bounty: Double rewards and rare costumes for Dungeon Explorers

08 October 2018


We have great news! This autumn week of Arinara will be really harvest. While we are preparing for the annual Horror Circus, welcome the Week of Bounty!

You will find many treasureadditional prizes for Guilds and legendary Troll costumes. Do not miss your chance to get excellent equipment and dress up!

The rumor quickly spread in the Arinar that the trolls, those tricky little blighters, again returned to the Dungeons. Many people were sure that nothing good should be expected from them and it is necessary to lay low for a while. However, the most courageous warriors, ready to fight for a unique trophy, going down to the Dungeons…

Only during this week:

  • in all heroic and mythical Dungeons drop the rarest Troll costumes of all colours: black, blue, green, red and purple;

  • x2 drop chance of all weapons, armor and accessories in all Dungeons;

  • x2 drop chance of all weapons, armor, accessories and costumes from all mini-bosses, bosses and raid bosses;

  • x2 drop chance of books and costumes from treasure boxes for completing guild events “Nocturne” and “Rottung Ayr”.

Nocturne - to activate, complete any mythical dungeon on Ayvondil for 5 time.
Rottung Ayr - to activate, complete Champions Coliseum at any difficulty level for 10 times.

  • x2 Guild points in all Dungeons

  • 10 winners of the Guild Tournament (counts for the Non-fading Glory achievement):
    places 1-3: x2 Crimson Corundums for winning the Guild Tournament
    places 4-10: all guild members will get Crimson Corundums and a Bronze Chest

Event starts: 08.10.2018 13:00 CEST
Event ends: 15.10.2018 12:00 CEST

Wish you great drop!