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Week of terrifying bounty!

20 November 2017

Warriors of Arinar!

Legendary Sam Hain is finally coming from sleep and Horror Circus becomes more and more generous when it comes to giving rewards. This week will bring you even more treasures and special prizes for Guilds, as well as a unique gift from the host of the holiday - Sam Hain costume, one of the rarest outfits in the game!

Only during this week:
- x2 drop chance of unique weapons and accessories with Vampirism bonus in all holiday Dungeons
- rare Sam Hain costume is added to Nightamarish Acella's Lair, Merciless Acella's Lair and Deadly Acella's Lair
- x2 drop chance of unique weapons with Stun bonus and unique clown masks with Vampirism bonus from bosses in the Horror Circus
- x2 drop chance of the Boogeyman costume and empower relics from the Coffers of the Veil
- x3 Guild Points for completing all holiday Dungeons
- x2 Crimson Corundums for the victory in the Guild Tournament (places 1-3)
- Guilds taken places 4-10 in the Guild Tournament will be rewarded with Crimson Corundums and Bronze Coffer (counts for the Non-fading Glory achievement).

The event starts on 20.11 at 12:00 CET and will last till 27.11 11:00 CET.

We wish nice drop to all of you!