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Welcome the update Warspear Online 11.3 "Lost Arcanicum"!

16 March 2023

The School of Magic is back in Arinar!

The Blissful Isle welcomes students of the School of Magic! This year possessions of the Spring King are agitated by the news of the discovery of Arcanicum, the lost city of technomages. New courses of Basic and Advanced Technomagic have already been introduced into the curriculum, and novice wizards are intensively revive useful mechanisms, put on technomagical suits and open portals to the forbidden area of Arcanicum. Who will reveal the main mystery of the city of technomages?

In update 11.3 “Lost Arcanicum” you will find:

  • Holiday island with spring decoration
  • Secret city of technomages Arcanicum
  • Unique portal territory with dynamic tasks
  • Exciting quests and daily tasks
  • Learning Basic and Advanced Technomagic
  • Bonus active and passive skills after tests and exams
  • Reputation with the Magisters of Technomagic
  • Weekly guild tournament with wonderful rewards
  • Event currency “Grains of Magic” for leveling new talents
  • Unique event talents “Spring King”
  • Festive solo dungeons with rare treasuries
  • World event with chests and buffs as a reward for each stage
  • Guild event in GvG territory with unique mechanics
  • Raid bosses Mercury Minebot and Vesperian-Abraxas
  • Guild PvE-event on a dedicated territory with unique mechanics
  • New Season of activities and Battle Pass
  • Crafting of holiday ranged and melee weapons
  • Themed seasonal maps for 3v3 Crucible and 5v5 Arena modes
  • Unique personal and guild achievements
  • New holiday skill “Techno Fox's Help”
  • Goods in the Miracle Shop, available only during the holiday
  • Trader of impacts for Reputation Points
  • Spring calendar of daily gifts for all players
  • Changes in the mechanics of character skills
  • Expansion of a personal warehouse and character bag
  • “Restore password” and “Restore account” buttons in the start menu

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