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Welcome the Warspear Online 9.2 Update “Architects’ Competition”!

24 December 2020


The festive bustle has taken over the Snow Limit again! Along with preparations for the long-awaited celebration on the island, you will find a competition between the two greatest architects. Who will deserve the right to build a great fortress that will protect the Snow Frontier from insidious villains? White Beard invites all valiant warriors to take part in the battle and help famous architects in the fight for the title of the best!

- New island, filled with the spirit of competition
- Raid-bosses Petris and Matris: defend your own and defeat the other one!
- Evil gingerbread men and their creator, Hryggvi Breadbrew
- World dynamic event with chests and buffs in reward
- Winter guild games on GvG territory with pyrotechnics and explosions
- Weekly tournament between alliances with daily point tally
- Alliance event for those that love sieges
- Guild event in open world with territory bosses
- Holiday Dungeons with winter treasure
- Exciting rides for characters of all levels
- Snow Empire Stash with costumes, skins, rarest runes and crystals, unique relics and other valuables
- New goods in the Miracle Shop, available only during the celebration of World Creation
- Merchants for Crimson Corundums and Good Luck Tokens
- New icy chests with unique treasure in the open world
- Holiday unique skills for each Alliance — the War and the Magic Gauntlet for Sentinels, and the War and the Magic Mitten for the Legion
- Special skill in reward for active participation in the world event - Animal Guise
- New event craft tasks
- 15 new unique achievements, out of which 3 are legendary
- Thematic holiday music

We are also glad to present new expert skills for the Chieftain and Templar. In addition, the guild action log has been added to the game.

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