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Welcome to the Spring moon Festival!

20 January 2023

Warriors of Arinar!

As soon as the young spring moon appears in the sky, the horned monster named Nian comes out from the bottom of the sea to the shore of Irselnort to feast on the frightened inhabitants and bring panic, death and destruction. Nian desperately does not want to return back to the dark waters, but a meeting with the warriors of Arinar will threaten him with exile!

  • World event “Spring moon Festival” with chests and buffs as rewards for each stage
  • Guild event in the open world “Demon Lord”
  • Raid boss Zhong Kui
  • Legendary Chest of Spring Moon with exclusive costumes and decorative skins
  • Cache of the Dragons Temple
  • New minion “Summon Black Rabbit”

The Spring moon Festival starting on January 20 at 09:00 CET and running until February 07 at 08:00 CET.

Hurry to the forum for all the details!

Happy New Year according to the lunar calendar!