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The 13th Season of activities “Northern Legends”: don't miss winter adventures!

25 December 2022

Brave warriors!

The winter season is incredibly rich in exciting events and dizzying adventures, because the 13th Season of Activities will begin very soon at the Snow Boundary! Daily and weekly missions selected according to the level of your character await you in the Activity Center. Just remember that at 23:00 CET, daily missions change, and the progress of unfinished missions is reset. The same happens with weekly missions every Sunday at 23:00 CET.

Earn Season Points and earn epic rewards: the magic “Boreas” costume, a special “Frost sprint” skill, a special “Chest of Christmas Smiles” with thematic emoticons, unique minions, valuable buffs, including the most useful buff “Great wonders”, a unique event currency “World Creation Magic”, new collectible emoticons, unique winter hairstyles, additional warehouse sections, keys to Ice chests, as well as a unique "World Creation Chest"!

The chests may contain:


  • Book "Second Chance"
  • Book "Underground Speed"

Book "Second Chance"
Instantly resurrects the character's minion and applies the “Invincible” buff for 10 sec. once during the lifetime of the minion.

Book "Underground Speed"
Increases the character's movement speed in the selected dungeons by 10%.

Event Relic

  • “Icy Relic of Intractability”


  • Fouetar
  • Noel
  • Favoniy's Costume
  • Wulturn's Costume
  • Auster's Costume
  • Aquilon's Costume
  • Architect Martis
  • Architect Petris
  • Chernobog
  • Mr. Grinch
  • Mortis
  • Volcano
  • Raven
  • Evil Sandro

Decorative Skins of the Eternal Forest and Cursed Lands;

as well as:

  • great elixirs of gladiator, unity, and experience;
  • special battle scrolls;
  • powerful potions;
  • precious bars.

Pay attention to the benefits of the Battle Pass, including an additional line of unique rewards! In addition, Battle Pass holders receive:

  • additional slots with daily and weekly missions;
  • an additional cell with a reward upon completion of all levels;
  • personal warehouse and guild warehouse from the quick access menu;
  • the possibility of a free hairstyle change at a personal hairdresser.

And after completing all levels of the Season of Activities, an additional slot with a reward will open for owners of the Battle Pass: get an exclusive “World Creation Chest” for every 40 points earned. And most importantly, you can do this an unlimited number of times until the end of the season!

And don't forget about the recently opened opportunity to give the Battle Pass to any player from 6 level of character as part of your Alliance and game server! You can do it right from the Activity Season menu!

The season starts at December 25, 23:00 CET and lasts until February 05, 23:00 CET.

See you on the Snow Boundary!