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The 19th Season of activities “Epic Champions” and exclusive goods in the Miracle Shop!

27 August 2023

Dear friends!

Even the most innocuous stroll across the Arinar without proper preparation can not only be engaging, but also extremely risky. To remain armed and ready in anticipation of the upcoming grand journey to Almahad Isle, the ne Season of Activities will assist! Daily and weekly missions, selected according to the level of your hero, await you in the Activity Center. Just remember that at 00:00 CEST, daily missions change, and the progress of unfinished missions is reset. The same happens with weekly missions every Monday at 00:00 CEST.

What rewards await the champions of Arinar in this season? Don't miss the new enigmatic costume “Devotus”, the graceful skill “Cat’s Agility”, unique minions, seasonal hairstyles, valuable buffs, collectible emoticons, signs of Imperishability, legendary elixirs of unity and experience, additional warehouse sections, knowledges and other trophies, including the “Chest of Impunity”!

To make your adventures in Arinar even more bright, during the 19th Season of Activities, unique items will be added to the Miracle Shop - a dependable minion and a chest with luxurious contents!

  • Cache of the World Architects
  • Summon Himal

The season starts on August 28, 00:00 CEST and lasts until October 02, 00:00 CEST

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