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The 9th Season of activities “Epochal Overture”: beginning of a new era!

12 June 2022

Dear friends!

The 14th birthday of Warspear Online has already come, which means that all the inhabitants of Arinar will have extraordinary adventures, exciting journeys, pleasant surprises and many bonuses and rewards that are so nice to fill your bag with! Feel the atmosphere of the holiday and plunge into the upcoming fun with the holiday Season of Activities, before the start of which there are only a few hours left!

A variety of daily and weekly missions, selected according to the level of your hero, await you in the Activity Center. Don't forget that daily missions rotate at 00:00 CEST and weekly missions change every Monday at 00:00 CEST, so keep track of your progress to earn as many Season Points as possible!

What rewards await you in this Season of Activity? The heroes and heroines of Arinar are waiting for two holiday costumes at once: the ceremonial “Honorable Sir” and “Honorable Mistress” (in the free branch of rewards) and the mysterious “Scorpius”, the prehistoric skill “Ancient Mobile”, Book of Oblivion, unique minions, useful buffs, festive hairstyles, collectible emoticons, keys to pirate chests, additional sections of the warehouse, knowledge and many other worthy rewards, including the “Chest of the Great Legacy” with amazing content!

In chests you can find:

New books:

  • Book "Second Chance"
  • Book "Underground Speed"

Book "Second Chance"

Instantly resurrects the character's minion and applies the “Invincible” buff for 10 sec. once during the lifetime of the minion. The presence of an extra life will be displayed with an icon next to the minion's health/energy widget.

Book "Underground Speed"

Increases the character's movement speed in the selected dungeons by 10%.


  • Snorlar's Costume
  • Demonologist's Costume
  • Beholder's Costume
  • Bonewinged Guard Costume
  • Eeyecatl
  • Maradish
  • Valariya

Decorative Skins of the Eternal Forest and Cursed Lands;

as well as:

  • great elixirs of gladiator, unity, and experience;
  • special battle scrolls;
  • powerful potions;
  • precious bars.

древнемобиль.png “Ancient Mobile” skill

It's time to remember the classic ways of transportation from time immemorial! Let the enemies swallow the dust! The skill cannot be used during guild events, castle capture, arena battles, and underwater areas. The skill is available until the end of the season.

Do you want to earn more Season Points and get more generous rewards? Then pay attention to the Battle Pass, which will open additional slots with daily and weekly missions, a branch of unique trophies and many other additional benefits:

  • an additional slot with a reward upon completion of all levels of the Season;
  • access to personal and guild warehouse from the quick access menu;
  • freely change hairstyles at the Personal Barber.

And after completing all levels of the Season of Activities, an additional slot with a reward will open for owners of the Battle Pass! Get an exclusive “Chest of the Great Legacy” for every 40 points earned an unlimited number of times until the end of the season!

The season starts on June 13, 00:00 CEST, and lasts through July 25, 00:00 CEST.

See you in the game!