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The XXVII Arena season is open!

01 February 2019



We are pleased to announce the opening of the XXVIArena season!

The list of awards has undergone changes this time: the champions of this season will get the "Dragonborn's Arena Armor", and the brave gladiators who entered the twenty of the best fighters will become the owners of the Gladiator's Chests.


The winners will receive:


1st place:

  • costume "Dragonborn's Arena Armor
  • accessories "Ring of Greatness" (2x2) / "Cloak of Greatness" (Temple of seals 3x3) / "Symbol of Greatness" (3x3)
  • chests - "Gladiator's Chest" 100 pieces
  • basic skill "Gladiator's Fury"
  • buff  "Gold Gladiator's Aura"
  • currency “Imperials of Greatness”

2nd place:

  • accessories "Contender's Ring" (2x2) / "Contender's Cloak" (Temple of seals 3x3) / "Contender's Symbol" (3x3)
  • chests - "Gladiator's Chest" 75 pieces
  • basic skill "Gladiator's Fury"
  • "Silver Gladiator's Aura" buff
  • currency - “Imperials of Greatness”

3rd place:

  • chests - "Gladiator's Chest" 50 pieces
  • basic skill "Gladiator's Fury"
  • buff "Bronze Gladiator's Aura"
  • currency "Imperials of Greatness"

4-10 places:

  • chests - "Gladiator's Chest" 20 pieces
  • buff  "Bronze Gladiator's Aura" 
  • currency “Imperials of Greatness”

11-20 places:

  • chests - "Gladiator's Chest" 10 pieces
  • currency “Imperials of Greatness”

21-50 places:

  • currency “Imperials of Greatness”

XXVII Arena season will start from 01/02/18 12:00 CET to 01/03/19 12:00 CET.


We wish great victories!