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Welcome the LXXXVII Arena season!

08 September 2023

Gladiators, have time to compete for rewards in the new LXXXVII Arena season!

The most courageous warriors will discover new skills, the PvP-skills “Arena Warden’s Assistance” and “Wrath of the Gladiator”, and will also replenish their collection with the unique “Dragonborn's Arena Armor” costume!

In addition, in the first two weeks, the number of Imperials of Greatness received in daily rewards will be increased by 2 times:

- from 08.09 00:00 CEST to 15.09 00:00 CEST in "Arena 5x5" mode;

- from 15.09 00:00 CEST to 22.09 00:00 CEST in "Crucible 4x4" mode.

Also in the first week, 08.09 00:00 CEST - 15.09 00:00 CEST, the amount of Knowledge for victories in the arena will be increased by 2 times!

In this season, 08.09 12:00 CEST - 06.10 12:00 CEST, the following modes will become available:

- Arena 2x2;

- Temple of Seals 3x3;

- Crucible 4x4;

- Arena 5x5.

A complete list of awards can be found in the Arena menu in the game.

We wish you great victories!