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Welcome the Warspear Online 9.3 Update “Mysteries of the School of Magic”!

18 March 2021

The School of Magic once again opens its doors!

A new academic year starts on the Blissful Isle, where you are to master two new magical areas: Illusion magic and Animagic, as well as to untangle the web of mysterious crimes that happened in the School of Magic. Hurry, because you will definitely find no time to get bored on the island!

What awaits you in the Warspear Online 9.3 update?

- New holiday island
- Storyline quest chain about an exciting investigation
- Learning two new magical disciplines
- Reputation of the Magisters of Illusion and Animagic
- Bonus active and passive skills after each completed semester
- Powerful raid bosses
- World dynamic event with chests and buffs as a reward for each stage
- Guild events in GvG territory and dedicated territory with valuable rewards
- Festive solo dungeons with rare treasuries
- A season of activities with interesting tasks and pleasant bonuses
- Battle Pass that expands the number of rewards per season
- Changes to expert and basic skills mechanics
- Making the most powerful event ranged and melee weapons
- Cache of the Grand Magistery with new costumes and skins, rare runes and crystals, relics and other valuables
- New exclusive items in the Miracle Shop only during the holiday
- Holiday skill La Gush's Help
- 12 new unique and 5 legendary achievements
- Added an option for displaying received / dealt damage and healing, as well as the health bar above monsters and destructible objects
- Changes to the "My Guild" tab: added new sorting options for members and updated the window with information about the Guild.

Hurry to the forum for all the details!